Redux without profanity

Welcome to a summary of how we write redux apps at Docker, Inc. aimed to be used as a guide for our projects and the Redux community. We hopped on the Redux train early at Docker. Along the way we've learned many lessons from the community, plus our own hefty trial and error.

It's a moving target which will be updated as new Redux patterns emerge internally and the community; things can always be improved and we'd love to keep doing things The Right Way (well, as right as we can make it).

How this book is organized

This book has four main sections:

  1. Introduction to React
  2. Introduction to Redux
  3. General rules for building redux apps
  4. An example API & streaming app build from scratch

If you're new to React and Redux you might want to start from the beginning. With some experience you'll probably want to read the third section (general rules); this section is essentially best practices from all of our combined mistakes building past apps.